SERGEANT JAMES WEHMAN -1857 - Records Room Supervisor

The records section of the Pemberton Township Police is committed to excellence. To expedite the many requests for police reports the following is a guide when requesting these reports.

Records Room Personnel

  • Lorraine Abbott, Police Records Clerk - 609.894.3343
  • Kelly Cantwell, Police Records Clerk - 609.894.3344


  1. First must pick up application from Police Records Room.
  2. Handicapped person must fill out portion of form and take it to their doctor who must fill out portion of form.
  3. Return application to Police Records Room with check or money order in amount of $4.00 made payable to Division of Motor Vehicles.
  4. Placard will then be typed up. It is good for six months from date of issue. It can be renewed one time for additional six months. Person must bring placard back to Police Records Room and we will renew it for additional six months. There is no charge or doctor's note needed for renewing it for additional six months.
  5. If person thinks they will require a handicapped placard for longer than one year they should apply to Division of Motor Vehicles to obtain a permanent card since process takes longer.


The information we will need is your name, address, date and approximate time of the incident and case number, if you have that information.

Simply calling and asking for a report without the necessary information will require additional time to locate any one report. To expedite your requests please have the necessary information ready when you are asked by a records clerk.

There is a charge for police reports as follows:

  • Paper copies are $0.05 per page for letter size.
  • Paper copies are $0.07 per page for legal size.
  • Video tapes are $2.00 per tape.
  • Audio CD's are $0.75 per CD.
  • Photographs will be provided on digital media when possible at the rate of $0.75 per CD. If a color photo copy is requested it shall be at the rate of the vendor.

Question: Can I call the police department's records room and request a police report?
Answer: Yes. All one would have to do is call the records room at one of the above numbers stating ones name, address, date and time of the incident and a case number if possible.

Question: Are there any particular hours I have to call to obtain a police report?
Answer: Yes. Please call between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday except holidays.

Government Records Council

Division of Archives and Records Management



The fee for a Firearms Identification Card for a shotgun and/or rifle purchase is $5.00.

The fee for a Permit to Purchase a Handgun is $2.00. These fees can be paid in cash, personal checks, etc.

  • Step 1 - Complete the application form as well as a Mental Health Waiver and sign them only in the presence of a law enforcement officer from Pemberton Township Police.

    Make sure full names, addresses and telephone numbers are listed for both of your references since a reference letter will be sent out.

  • Step 2 - Application will be reviewed by a law enforcement officer and you must submit to being fingerprinted. Sagem Morpho Fingerprint Appointments

    Processing and approval takes approximately eight (8) to ten (10) weeks. You will be notified by mail or phone to pick up your permits.

Should you have any questions in regards to firearms applications please call (609) 894-3346.


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